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Applications of lime products

Soil Conditioning With Lime

Soil conditioning with lime

Deficient soils that suffer from pH imbalance, lack of crucial nutrients, and diminished biological activity will be repaired by our Superfine formulation. Superfine works specifically to counteract these challenges, safely and effectively.

Following application of Superfine, you will see dramatically increased soil health, leading to increased rhizobia and earthworm activity, and greater crop root mass and depth. Clover proliferation is a common added benefit, leading to accelerated nitrogen levels and higher crop yields.

Crop Fertilising With Lime

Crop fertilising with lime

Quality of pasture is indicative of the quality of the soil. With the application of Superfine Fertiliser, nutrient cycling is dramatically improved, resulting in grass root mass increasing as well as root depth. A proliferation in clover is often seen after the application of Superfine, thus increasing the natural nitrogen on your farm. As the pasture improves, so does feed quality and yield quantity.

Timing Lime Application For Best Results

Timing lime application for best results

In general, follow these guidelines to achieve the best results with our Superfine formulation:

  • In a rotation, apply before the crop with the greatest acid sensitivity.
  • If you plan on reducing tillage, apply one year before the most acid sensitive crop, and in a greater quantity.
  • Make sure that the root disease Take-All has been controlled before applying lime fertiliser ahead of a wheat or critical crop.
  • Lime fertiliser application is generally not recommended for permanent pastures, due to issues of incorporation.
Lime Livestock Calcium Health Supplement

Lime livestock calcium health supplement

Quality feed means healthy livestock – Aglime Stock feed supplements will give you that quality feed. Feed grown from Superfine-treated soils has more nutrients, making it more valuable and potent by weight.

Superfine can also be used as a feed supplement, providing calcium and other nutrients directly, helping to reduce the risk of nutritional illnesses and diseases. Your livestock will grow in size as they grow in health, helping you achieve more return on your bottom line. Expect a noticeable increase in the production of wool and meat per hectare.

Lime Is Environmentally Healthy

Lime is environmentally healthy

Our Superfine formulation and grit is all-natural, and is an eco-friendly alternative to harsh chemical fertilisers. No nitrogen additives also means that Superfine is environmentally sustainable and does not result in increased nitrogen leaching.

Use in conjunction with other fertilisers. Get the balance right. Have your soils tested by a soil agronomist or the Department of Agriculture is also recommended.

Limestone aggregate in gardens and landscaping is also high beneficial to plants and assists in limiting the use of chemical fertilisers.

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