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Benefits of natural lime

Liming 'sweetens' Soil And The Plants Growing There

Liming 'sweetens' soil and the plants growing there

Reducing soil acidity is one of the most crucial factors to helping ensure a bountiful harvest. Natural lime fertiliser is the best way to achieve the proper pH balance. Using a natural lime fertiliser offers numerous potent advantages that help you maximize profitability and return on investment:

  • Reduces the need for costly and potentially toxic chemical fertilisers.
  • Completes an eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable approach, and complies with all requirements for ‘organic’ labeling.
  • Supplies and promotes retention of several key plant nutrients, including calcium, nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium.
  • Encourages growth of the most productive crop species, including ryes and legumes.
  • Promotes increased rhizobia activity in nitrogen-fixing crops, and earthworm activity throughout the soil.
  • Combats inhibitions to root growth caused by aluminum toxicity.
  • Helps regulate soil moisture, thereby allowing proper drainage and soil cultivation and reducing cracking in dry weather.
Bigger And Better Crop Yields

Bigger and better crop yields

By improving the balance of critical nutrients and moderating soil acidity, natural lime fertiliser ensures that your yields will be not only bigger, but will be qualitatively improved as well. Crops will taste better, and feed produced from these crops will result in healthier and heartier livestock.

Aglime Fertilisers can meet your all-natural lime fertiliser needs and help you achieve the greatest return on your investment of time, money and hard work. Get the most from your soil – get Aglime Fertiliser products today!

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