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Profiting From Managing Soil PH

Profiting from managing soil PH

In Australia, there is a huge economic loss due to soil acidity and is researched to be many times higher than from dry land salinity (Commonwealth of Australia, 2001b). Researchers have proven that a scheduled liming program is an essential part of quality farming practices where soils are acid or acidifying.

When lime is not regularly applied to acidifying soils, productivity can decline dramatically over time – often unnoticed. Rehabilitation of acid soils takes time and frequent applications of lime.

Maintaining soil pH by regular application of maintenance levels of lime will avoid the need for expensive and slow remediation management, with data from Primary Industries and Resources South Australia (PIRSA) showing an investment in lime on cropping land likely to return $3 for each $1 invested.

Some case studies are given below of how land managers have tackled soil acidity.

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