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Calcium Stock Feed Supplements

An excellent source of calcium for stock and poultry

Calcium Stock Feed Supplements

Calcium stock feed supplements

Our range of calcium feed supplements have a calcium availability of 38%. We recommend at all times an animal nutritionist or stock feed expert be consulted.

High yield calcium carbonates (CaCO3) are measured by their percentage content of calcium carbonate. This percentage is known as the Neutralising Value (N.V.) which indicates the purity of the product.

For stock feeds and calcium supplements the Neutralising Value/Available Calcium Content are critical factors. This determines the amount of calcium carbonate in the whole mass and the minimization of other minerals which may add no value, or even be detrimental to animal health.

Calcium stock feed supplements

MaterialSymbolTypical Chemical Analysis
Calcium CarbonateCaC03< 95%
Magnesium CarbonateMgC03< 1%
SilicaSiS02< 1%
Available CalciumCa< 38%

Please note: Typical Chemical Analysis percentages may fluctuate as limestone is a natural product.

Aglime Calgrit

Aglime calgrit

Aglime CALGRIT is crushed and screened at 1mm to 3.5mm grit.

Ideal for combining with mash stock feeds, the particle distribution (grit size) provides a high yield calcium supplement with low waste for poultry feed systems.

Aglime 250 Superfine

Aglime 250 Superfine

Aglime 250 Superfine is crushed and screened to 97% below 0.25mm and average particle distribution of 70% below 0.075mm.

It is ideal where quick absorption is required and is often used in conjunction with other materials sizes, in pellet/nut manufacture and as an addition to mash and meal. It’s also used as a sanitising aid when cleaning pens and sheds.

Aglime Fine Grit

Aglime fine grit

Aglime Fine Grit is crushed and screened to smaller than 1mm with an average particle distribution of 68% below 0.25mm. Ideal for the inclusion as a calcium supplement in the manufacture of pellets.

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