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Making premium agricultural lime fertiliser & calcium stock feed supplements for eighty years

Producing lime fertilisers for eighty years

Serving The Industry Since 1938

Serving the industry since 1938

Aglime Fertilisers has been the Southern Tablelands’ foremost lime fertiliser supply company for eighty years. Our company was founded in 1938, and originally located on Goulburn Street in Marulan. Aglime Fertilisers was welcomed into the Eastern Sand & Gravel family of companies in 1988 and moved out of town into a new facility at 709 Marulan South Road, just above sprawling Morton National Park.

Since those humble beginnings in 1938, Aglime Fertilisers has experienced a great deal of growth and achievement. Some things have changed, but our overriding commitment to providing customers with the best agricultural lime fertiliser and limestone-based products has remained steady. We invite you to come in and witness first-hand the exceptional product and outstanding service that have been our trademarks for eighty years.

Modern Loading & Weighbridge Facilities

Modern loading & weighbridge facilities

The premium lime used in our products are produced from only the highest-grade natural limestone rock, mined from the one of Australia’s largest limestone quarries which is located nearby. Our modern facility boasts over 450 tonnes of silos and a twenty-six metre weigh-bridge, which combine to ensure that your order is weighed and loaded quickly and accurately.

Freight Services

Freight services

We specialise in meeting your delivery needs, and our fleet of transport vehicles includes a full range of tippers, B-Doubles and pneumatic tankers.

Call to arrange competitive, reliable delivery

Our rapid loading overhead silos and 26 metre weighbridge makes loading fast and accurate.